Evidence received by the Review can be accessed from this page. All evidence has been subject to legal review in the interests of those who submitted it and the Review itself. Where necessary redactions have been made but these are not intended to compromise the substance of the evidence received and have been kept to a minimum.

WARNING: Please be aware some evidence contains descriptions, pictures and audio of the harm suffered by individuals. Some may find this distressing.

Written evidence

Written evidence is grouped as follows:

pdfPatient Groups -Hormone Pregnancy Tests

pdfPatient Groups – Pelvic Mesh

pdfPatient Groups -Sodium Valproate

pdfClinicians, academics and other individuals – Hormone Pregnancy Tests

pdfClinicians, academics and other individuals - Pelvic Mesh

pdfClinicians, academics and other individuals -Sodium Valproate

pdfClinicians, academics and other individuals -Others

pdfProfessional and Trade Bodies

pdfOther Organisations


pdfPublic Bodies

pdfManufacturers of Hormone Pregnancy Tests

pdfManufacturers of Pelvic Mesh

pdfManufacturers of Sodium Valproate

pdfEvidence submitted to the Review following its Oral Hearings

Some evidence received during the Call for Evidence period is not yet available pending clarification of its provenance.

Oral evidence

Videos of oral hearings are grouped by date:

20th November 2018

21st November 2018

26th November 2018

27th November 2018

10th January 2019

18th January 2019

23rd January

28th January

7th February

14th February

27th February


5th March

14th March

19th March

26th March

16th April

23rd April

2nd May

14th May

20th May

  • Session 1: Welsh Mesh Survivors
  • Session 2: Mesh Ireland
  • Session 3: Association of Children Damaged by Hormone Pregnancy Tests (ACDHPT)
  • Session 4: Scottish Mesh Survivors

21st May

  • Session 1: TVT Messed Up Mesh
  • Session 2: Mashed Up By Mesh - Unable to attend
  • Session 3: Meshies United Group UK - Unable to attend
  • Session 4: Sling the Mesh
  • Session 5: Mesh UK Charitable Trust

22nd May


For information on the order of witnesses for each date please click here
Some evidence received during the oral hearings is not yet available pending clarification of its provenance

Personal testimonies


The statements made and the opinions expressed in response to the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review’s  (‘IMMDSR)   Call for Evidence and in the video recording of the IMMDSR’s oral hearings are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions, views or conclusions of the IMMDSR or its members. The statements and opinions made do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the IMMSDR concerning the truthfulness, veracity, accuracy or legal status of any statements or opinions made and published on the IMMDSR website. Nor does the IMMSDR  accept any legal liability arising from any statements or opinions so expressed and published